Brazilian Activewear in South Africa

One day while in Brazil, I walked passed a store and saw some activewear in the window. I walked in, and it was like walking into a printed legging heaven! At the time, I was very involved with Crossfit in South Africa and I could never find activewear, especially leggings, which not only fitted well, but did not stretch or fade, and most importantly, stayed put while running about with having to pull my leggings up all the time.

I purchased a pair of leggings, and flew home to South Africa wearing my new leggings which proved to me the most comfortable things I had ever worn in my entire life. My very first day back at gym and wearing another pair of leggings, about 3 women came up to me and asked me where I purchased them from. On my following trip to Sao Paulo, I came back with a few more pairs and decided to start selling them.

I then decided to import Brazilian leggings into South Africa, and was the very first person to introduce a well known brand to the South African market. 

While online shopping is still relatively new in South Africa, we have had a wonderful response and I have decided to start importing some other niche brands, mostly Brazilian, into the South African market. They are phenomenal to wear and I always feel that until you have worn a pair of Brazilian activewear leggings, you might not understand the hype around them. Do yourself a favour, you will not regret it.