Coconut Active was founded in 2012 by Alexandra Ferguson after finding it increasingly difficult to find vibrant, good quality leggings in South Africa at a fair and reasonable price. After importing brands from Brazil, she embarked on her own journey and decided to create her own brand of activewear.

After many travels to and from Brazil and meetings with various textile companies, the Ali August brand was born.

The brand's mission was clear from the beginning: to create vibrant, beautiful leggings with excellent quality material and to keep quantities limited, to enable us to release new prints every few months. 

The company grew and the demand for wholesale and export became greater, and we are proud to say we have a presence not only in South Africa but in Asia, Seychelles, USA and the U.K.

With the brand growing and name becoming confusing, the Ali August activewear range has now been reverted back to Coconut Active - the original name and a name which people have grown to love.

We work tirelessly to produce new prints and products and to find the very best textile bases available to us.

Our leggings (without exception) all offer UVA / UVB 50+ protection, are quick drying, will not stretch or fade over time, and will far outlast cheaper quality leggings.

All of our leggings contain LYCRA® fiber, engineered to provide exceptional recovery power, fit and freedom of movement.